The Triple Tap Tapping with Mechanical Joint End (MJ END) is designed to allow the end user to use standard on the shelf MJ by MJ valves rather than more expensive tapping valves.

The MJ End combination is available for use with valves as large as 16”.

The Triple Tap features several important advantages, including a double range body, allowing for a substantial reduction in inventory. The Triple Tap Accommodates the tapping of steel, ductile, pvc, polyethylene and asbestos-cement pipes with one sleeve in a given diameter range. Standard sizes are available to 30” in diameter and special sizes to 48” in diameter are available upon request.

All Triple Tap Tapping Sleeves are pressure rated to an aperture seal rating of 250 psi, and the final pressure rating is determined by the specified flange.  The product line is available with a mechanical joint end (MJ) and all ends are rated at 250 psi.

Normally, sleeves specified with AWWA Class “D” Flanges are rated to the rating of the flange.  Flange pressure ratings may be referenced in the AWWA Standards.


Branch Specifications

  • Direct Valve Face to MJ Flange Face Mounting Ensures Perfect Alignment of the Valve
  • Eliminates Gap between the Valve and the Flange Interface
  • Pre-Installed MJ Gasket Provides Seal to Rated Pressure
  • NBR MJ Gasket Cannot Roll or Cold Flow into the Line
  • NSF 61 Gasket Compounded for Water and Sewer Service
  • Non-Flexible Joining Interface for Proper Cutter Alignment
  • Tighten Bolts to Allow for Full Metal Contact of Valve Face and Flange on Sleeve
  • Available in Stainless or Carbon Steel Outlets (Carbon Steel Ends Are Epoxy Coated for Corrosion Resistance)
  • Available on All Triple Tap Sizes
  • MJ End Meets ANSI/AWWA C-111
  • Weld-Fabricated MJ End with Branch Butt Welded to Sleeve
  • Slotted Bolt Holes Included for Ease of Installation
  • Branch Includes ¾” Test Port
  • 4″ to 12″ Branch Diameter with AWWA C111 Mechanical Joint Mating Flange – Up to 250 PSI Maximum Working Pressure, 375 PSI test pressure, for branch seal only conditions.  Up to 175 PSI Maximum Working Pressure, 300 PSI Test Pressure for full circumferential seal.  Provides 1.5x safety factor
  • Mechanical Joint Flange and Branch Outlets are designed and tested to meet test pressures exceeding 375 psi
  • All Other Triple Tap Features as Stated in Triple Tap Brochure
  • Triple Tap MJ Tapping Sleeves available in nominal sizes 4″ – 30″.


Installation Instructions