The end ring is threaded and it screws on to the body of the fitting. The end ring is made from electro-galvanized ductile iron.

The end ring presses against the retainer cup as it is screwed on to the fitting body. The retainer cup protects the gasket from wear during tightening and prevents the gasket from flowing out of the fitting.

The end ring and the retainer cup press the gasket into the tappered body of the compression fitting to create a tight seal. The gasket is an armored NBR gasket that includes a brass winding through the entire circumference of the gasket. The brass winding ensures electrical conductivity across the fitting while increasing gasket life.

The body is made from electro-galvanized ductile iron to resist corrosion and ensure a long life. The configuration shown accomodates IPS pipe sizes and an adapter gasket is available for copper pipe sizes. Each fitting is conductivity and leak tested for trusted performance. The Series 6100 Male Adapter features the same compression seal with a threaded adapter on one end.