The Quick-Cam® Emergency Repair Clamp Kits Allows for 14-54″ Large Diameter, or Repairs from 2 to 12″ Small Diameter.

The Emergency Repair Kit contains all required components and instructions that allow for the easy joining and combination of various panels to make pressure rated repairs through 36” diameter. Repairs above 36” do not carry a pressure rating and are intended for large temporary repairs or gravity applications.

Contents of kit includes panels, nut, bolts and washers, long wall socket, locking hasps and pad locks and instructions.


Large Diameter Emergency Repair Kit: 14-54″

Large diameter clamps are made of various panel combinations that are easily combined.  Each panel has the same number of joining bolts, and all panel combinations to 36” carry a pressure rating ranging from 60 psi to 150 psi depending upon the pipe diameter.

The kit contains 9 number panels that may be combined in various combinations to achieve nearly any pipe diameter met in the field.  The Emergency Repair Kit  provides and easy on-hand way to make either permanent or temporary large diameter pipe repair.  The box itself is epoxy coated carbon steel, is designed to handled clamps to 24” in lay length and will fit into the bed of any pickup truck.

Small Diameter Emergency Repair Kit: 12-24″

For emergency and everyday pipe repairs from 2 to 12″ diameters, all of the necessary repair panels are included in one kit that is designed for easy transport and includes range chart, long wall socket and installation instructions.