The TX3® Wide Range Transition Coupling from Total Piping Solutions, Inc.

The TX3® features a superior long life coating, bolt and nut sizes are common to industry-standard waterworks hardware with 1-1/16” waterworks nuts, , 275 psi working pressure, 4 degrees of deflection, and utilizes NSF-61 Certified and Approved Materials. Nuts, bolts and washers feature a gall resistant finish for easy tightening.

Unlike the competition, the TX3 gasket includes a fully removable and replaceable inner layer, is compatible with all water chemistry and resists hydrocarbon line or soil content. Extra Long Body Versions Available in All sizes.

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The TX3® Extended Range Transition Coupling is designed to cover all common pipe sizes from 2 to 12” in diameter, and has capability to handle IPS, DIP, CIP and all Asbestos Cement or Transite Pipe diameters.

It is equipped with an easy lift handle, a superior multi-stage FBE coating, NBR gaskets good for contact with various line and soil contents including water, sewerage and hydrocarbons, and meets all NSF 61 requirements.

Gasket includes a range adjustable layer that allows for simple in-field adjustment, and the inner gasket layer may be re-installed if removed in error.

The TX3® will be available in larger sizes coming soon.

Save on Installation Time, Labor, Inventory

  • For Water, Waste Water, and Liquid Hydrocarbon Applications, above and below ground
  • Fewer Sizes means less inventory
  • Range Adjustable Gasket Joins Pipe with Diameter Differences of up to 1 .30 inches
  • Superior Pressure Assisted Sealing Capabilities with easy to-remove and with fully replaceable inner gasket layer
  • Easy Fitting – two bolts total, one per end with standard 1-1/16th” waterworks nut size on most sizes
  • Integrated Easy Lift Handle allows the light weight body to be handled by one person
  • High Deflection- up to 4 degrees per end
  • Stab type installation (no disassembly required), Tighten from the Top and Eliminate Under-dig.

Tri-Clad ® Coating by TPS = Extended Product Life


  • Body and End Ring Materials: Middle Ring – Carbon Steel (ASTM A53 Grade A or A795 Carbon Steel) and End Ring – ASTMA283 Grade D
  • Gasket Bridge-Plate Material: ASTMA240 Type 304 Stainless Steel
  • Coating: Proprietary four stage NSF-61 Registered Fusion-bonded Epoxy Coating.
  • Bolts, Nuts, Spacers, Washers: (ASTMA193 Grade B, 18-8 Type 304) Stainless Steel with Fluoro- Carbon Coating on nuts, bolts and washers provides positive anti-seize compound on all threads to prevent galling.
  • Nuts work with conventional water works standard 1-1/16” wrenches. (2, 3, 4” sizes use a 3/4” Wrench).
  • Gasketing System: The Patent Pending dual layer adjustable and fully replaceable inner gasket system is compounded of high grade NBR (Nitrile) and is rated for potable water, sewer line content and liquid hydrocarbons. The gasket compound meets NSF-61 and NSF-372 standards for contact with drinking water.


TX3® Wide Range Transition Coupling 2020 Web Installation Video