The Abandoned Corporation fitting or “Corp-Terminator” is the ideal solution for use in areas where the corporation stop must be terminated.

It provides a fully pressure rated option with pressure rating end per ASME VIII-1 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements that eliminates the need to remove the corporation stop and helps to maintain the full integrity of the pipe.

The Abandoned Corporation Fitting is fabricated of Type 304 Stainless Steel, has a fully pressure rated Cap and Extension built to ASME VIII-1 pressure code requirements for a pressure vessel. It should be noted that flat topped caps do not qualify as pressure vessels but are qualified as non-pressure rated storage vessels by ASME.

Nuts, bolts and washers are typed 304 stainless steel and the units is equipped with an NSF 61-372 rated NBR gasket that is compatible with all water chemistry and provides resistance to hydrocarbons in both line content and possible contact when buried in various soil conditions. This product is available with various cap ends to accommodate varying valve diameters and valve lengths, and many of the products in this category are designed to meet specific job requirements normally specified by the design engineer.

Call TPS for product specifics on each and every job and always specify a true pressure rated end per ASME VIII-1 for highest safety assurance.


The Abandoned Corporation Fitting is a fully pressure rated per ANSI and AWWA Standards and is equipped with a pressure rated domed cap to cover the corporation fitting. It is designed to cover multiple pipe diameters up to 30” and with valve domes in two sizes allowing for coverage above a 2” valve requirement.

The design incorporates heavy duty top and bottom shell components and full gasketing that provides for a 360 degree seal on all pipe materials.