The Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting is the latest in the series of value-added, high performance, innovative products from Total Piping Solutions!

All designed to save time, labor and inventory dollars in the water and wastewater piping industries. The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is available in sizes 4” through 24” pipe diameters. And, like the Triple Tap Tapping Sleeve, it is designed to withstand the stresses and mechanical forces incurred during the line stopping process.

One of the distinct advantages of the Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is its capacity to accommodate up to a maximum of 0.9 inch of diameter range. This increased range (more than double the range of competing line stop fittings) allows a substantial reduction in inventory. Plus, the Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting may be used to tap and stop steel, ductile iron, old cast iron, PVC, asbestos-cement, and polyethylene pipe, in most cases, with only one sleeve. This feature eliminates the need for extra on-hand sizes, making it easier to accommodate many local market requirements.


4” – 24” Diameters with Branches and Completion Plugs to 12”

The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting requires no special tools for installation.

The wide range (.9”) feature of the Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting helps to reduce inventory, simplifies knowing what size to have in the field, and may be used universally on any pipe material including HDPE.

The Triple Tap Line Stop fitting line is complete with NSF 61 approved materials and meets all applicable ANSI-AWWA requirements regarding materials, design and testing.

The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is equipped with a full circumferential NBR rubber gasket that is combined with a heavy duty aperture seal on the branch and provides a 360º around-the-pipe seal in case of a beam break. This patented feature allows the sleeve to maintain a seal in the event of complete pipe breakage during a size-on-size tap or stop operation.


Pressure Rating: When properly installed according to the installation instructions, branch working pressure ratings are as follows:

  • 4 – 12” – 250 PSI Rated, 375 PSI Test Pressure
  • 14 – 24” – 225 PSI Rated, 350 PSI Test Pressure

Best in Class Beam Break Performance

For size on size line stops and pipe up to 18” diameter – 175 PSI Working Pressure / 225 PSI Test Pressure


For any installation the allowable working pressure will be determined by the condition of the pipe, size of pipe, type of pipe, size of the sleeve, line content, temperature, environmental conditions, corrosion potential, and installation workmanship.

Temperature Rating: Maximum Continuous Working Temperature Range of 180° F

Gasketing: NSF/ANSI61 Approved NBR Rubber – For Water and Wastewater Service

Shell: Fully Passivated 18-8 Stainless Steel for Corrosion Protection. Made of heavy duty 12 gauge stainless steel in 4 through 8 inch sizes, heavier and thicker 11 gauge stainless steel in 10 and 12 inch sizes, and 10 gauge for 14 and 24 inch sizes

Conductor Pipe: TPS Triple Tap Line Stop Fittings are designed for use with Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, PVC, High Density Polyethylene, Asbestos Cement and Copper Main Conductor pipe materials

Branch Pipe: All Line Stop Fittings include a heavy duty Schedule 40 branch fitting designed to accommodate the completion plug

Pipeline Full Beam Break Conditions: TPS Stainless Line Stop Fittings are designed to accommodate a full pipeline break occurring typically in ductile or cast iron pipe at the point where the maximum material has been circumferentially removed from the drilled hole (using full size cutter) in size-on-size line taps.

¾” Test Outlet: Allows for hydrostatic pressure test before tapping the pipe and for pressure equalization

Line Stop Compatible Outlet: ANSI/ASME B16.5 Class 150 slip-on flange made from 304 stainless steel or carbon steel for most commonly used line stopping equipment. It is equipped with an ANSI/ASME B16.5 Class 150 drilling pattern and includes an MSS- SP60 recess for all industry standard tapping valves.

Line Stopping Completion Plug: Completion Plugs may be threaded or push style. Plug construction is of Ductile Iron per ASTM A536.

Completion Plug Interfaces are designed to fit all popular line stopping equipment. For completion plug interface dimensions contact Total Piping Solutions Customer Service.

Blind Flange/Debris Cover: Standard AWWA Class B. 150# Available upon request

Blind Flange Bolts: Stainless Steel Type 304 with anti-gall coating on nuts