All products within the Triple Tap® Tapping Sleeve product line are universally tested to a test pressure of 275 psi.  This rating is slightly greater than 1.5 times the rated working pressure.

Note Rated Working Pressure of Triple Tap with AWWA Class “D” Flange is per AWWA C-207 or 175 psi.

The Triple Tap with Mechanical Joint End is rated to a working pressure of 200 psi.

Triple Tap Line Stop Fittings are rated to a working pressure of 175 psi with higher working pressures available upon request.

See PDF for more information on test procedures.

Triple Tap on Test Pipe

Size on Size Triple Tap on Polyethylene Pipe Long term Test

PVC Test Pipe with Pre-drilled tap ports

Rendering of Beam Break Test Pipe with Triple Tap