For over 18 years Total Piping Solutions has been known for enhanced value and quality, product innovation, inventory-savings, first in class customer service, shortened lead times and outstanding technical support.

During our company’s early history, we were the exclusive North American distributor for a supplier of a two bolt coupling product line.  During that time, we transitioned our company into a full line manufacturer with the goal of producing our products in the USA.

Total Piping Solutions commitment to introduce new innovative products is ongoing.  We have brought you the “Made or Fully Assembled in the USA” Triple Tap® Tapping Sleeve product line, the Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting product line, the T3® Service Saddle, and a complete line of “Made or Fully Assembled in the USA” Quick-Cam® small diameter line stop fittings used in both the water and industrial markets.

The TX3® Wide Range two bolt coupling was released to the market with great success.  It is currently available in sizes 2 to 12″ diameters, in standard and long pattern bodies.  Additional sizes are being completed for release to market, and the product line will be extended to 24″ diameters.

In keeping with our desire to fully support the markets requirements for pipe joining and repair products, we have made the Quick-Cam® Repair Clamp Line available to 54″ diameters, and produce it in widths of 7.5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 30 and 36″ lay lengths, allowing this product to fit nearly every application on demand.

Along with the Quick-Cam® Repair Clamp Line,  Total Piping Solutions has focused on make joint repairs faster and more economical for most utilities.  The Quick Sleeve® for the repair of leaking hubs and bells, old couplings, old repair clamps, flanges and a variety of other leak points has helped to revolutionize the way many repairs are handled.  This product eliminates the need to a complete shut down of the systems, removes the need for a boil notice and can be done in 30 minutes or less under full pressure.

We maintain a focus on multiple markets including:  water, wastewater, natural gas and industry. All of our products are backed by the same high level of quality and customer service that you’ve become accustomed to during our first 18 years.

Total Piping Solutions, Inc. continues to build upon the success achieved with its ever expanding product line of tapping sleeves, line stop fittings and service saddles, and our well proven Style 6000 Compression Fittings and Style 4100 Patch Clamps.

As a provider of pipe joining and repair products for the water, sewer, natural gas and industrial market places, Total Piping Solutions, Inc. is known as a first stop source for value and quality.  By adding in industry leading performance features to all of our products, you can count on products that work the first time, every time.  In addition, we continue to add new models, an expanded size capability, and specialties designed to meet the demands of the total market.

Stay tuned for more new products to come as we move into this New Year and beyond. Just as the Triple Tap® has set the industry standard for tapping sleeves, we can assure you that our products in waiting will achieve the same level of excellence.

We continue to make a difference through innovation, added value and performance. Please continue to stay in touch by contacting us:

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