State & Union: Olean company saves Connecticut city from water disaster

When the city of Danbury, Conn., faced a major water crisis earlier this week because of a broken 16-inch main waterline, an Olean-area company — Total Piping Solutions of Haskell Road — came to the rescue.



Large Diameter Triple Tap Tapping Sleeves – Now Available up to 30″ Nominal Diameter with 16″ Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Flanges

Large Diameter Triple Tap MJ Sleeve – Now Available up to 30″ Nominal Diameter with 12″ MJ End

Large Diameter Triple Tap Line Stop Fittings – Now Available up to 24″ Nominal Diameter with 12″ Flanges.   Push Plug and Threaded Plug design available.

Quick-Cam Wide Range Repair Clamp: New Product Overview and Installation Videos

New videos have been added!


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Triple Tap T3 Wide Range Saddle

The Triple Tap Series T3 Service Saddle is the latest in our series of innovative products that save time, labor and inventory dollars in the water and wastewater piping industries.

The Series T3 includes many unique advantages including a double range band which allows for a substantial reduction in inventory by over 70%. The Series T3 exceeds all industry standards including AWWA C800.

The Series T3 is a unique wide range Universal Type 304 Stainless Steel Service Tapping Product that may be used on all types of pipe including: ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, asbestos cement, steel and HDPE. The T3 is equipped with an insulating boot that prevents contact with the pipe and reduces the potential for corrosion when used on ferrous pipe materials.

  • MARCH 2015 – Triple Tap now Available in 14″ and 16″ Nominal sizes.
  • Line Stop Fittings with nearly Universal Equipment Compatibility
  • Several New Styles are Currently in the Works
  • Triple-Tap Advantage

Triple Tap with Mechanical Joint End has been recently added into the product line.  This product, available with either a stainless or carbon steel connection end, is rated to 200 psi working pressure.   This is available in 4 through 12 inch diameters and all outlet sizes.   Another standout offering from Total Piping Solutions, Inc.

Piping products for the water, wastewater, and industrial markets. Tapping sleeves, line stop fittings and service saddles.