Quick Sleeve Bell EncapsulationRepair the Joint Under Pressure, Eliminate Open Cut Repair – Quick Sleeve Bell Encapsulation Competitive with products used for an open cut repair.

I had an interesting discussion last week in Texas with a contractor who installs water and sewer mains.

They were very interested in the Quick Sleeve Bell Encapsulation Product we are producing here in New York. This product has a wide range and each size will accommodate DIP, CIP and IPS diameters in one sleeve.

The contractors interest in the Quick Sleeve Encapsulation Device had to do with cracked bells and leaking pipeline joints found during routine testing and charge of new or existing water and sewer mains. This product is designed to go over the existing joint which eliminates disruption of the line and eliminates an open cut repair procedure. This products offers a solution: No shutdown of the line required, no disinfection, line repair under full pressure, and small excavation requirements.

Last year, this particular contractor ended up cutting out at least 20 newly tested joints prior to turning the line over to the utility or developer or completing the maintenance project on the line.

Most of their work entails 6, 8 and 12 inch lines, and in all cases, they had a major repair to perform before completing the job. They viewed the Encapsulation device as a work saver, a time saver and permanent solution to the leaking joints. Note to all: This product currently will fit over all lead caulk bells, all push on bell joint (PVC and DIP)……and will go over all Dresser Type Couplings (cast or steel). Please check with the factory on additional fit applications.

We have immediate availability of the following products: 4, 6, 8″ encapsulation sleeves, 2 week availability on 12″ sleeves. Please note: the 4 to 8″ sizes are available with either ductile iron casings (or a carbon steel fabrication), and for the short term, the 12″ sleeves will be fabricated of carbon steel.

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