Triple Tap® Mechanical Joint End

Branch Specifications:

  • Direct Valve Face to MJ Flange Face Mounting Ensures Perfect Alignment of the Valve
  • Eliminates Gap between the Valve and the Flange Interface
  • Pre-Installed MJ Gasket Provides Seal to Rated Pressure
  • NBR MJ Gasket Cannot Roll or Cold Flow into the Line
  • NSF 61 Gasket Compounded for Water and Sewer Service
  • Non-Flexible Joining Interface for Proper Cutter Alignment
  • Tighten Bolts to Allow for Full Metal Contact of Valve Face and Flange on Sleeve
  • Available in Stainless or Carbon Steel Outlets (Carbon Steel Ends Are Epoxy Coated for Corrosion Resistance)
  • Available on All Triple Tap Sizes
  • MJ End Meets ANSI/AWWA C-111
  • Weld-Fabricated MJ End with Branch Butt Welded to Sleeve
  • Slotted Bolt Holes Included for Ease of Installation
  • Branch Includes ¾” Test Port
  • Rated to 175 PSI and Tested to 265 PSI – on Full Beam Break Pressure Test
  • All Other Triple Tap Features as Stated in Triple Tap Brochure
  • Triple Tap MJ Tapping Sleeves available in nominal sizes 4″ – 30″.