Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting

The Triple Tap® Line Stop Fitting is the latest in the series of value-added, high performance, innovative products from Total Piping Solutions. . . all designed to save time, labor and inventory dollars in the water and wastewater piping industries. The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is available in sizes 4” through 24” pipe diameters. And, like the Triple Tap Tapping Sleeve, it is designed to withstand the stresses and mechanical forces incurred during the line stopping process. One of the distinct advantages of the Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is its capacity to accommodate up to a maximum of 0.9 inch of diameter range. This increased range (more than double the range of competing line stop fittings) allows a substantial reduction in inventory. Plus, the Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting may be used to tap and stop steel, ductile iron, old cast iron, PVC, asbestos-cement, and polyethylene pipe, in most cases, with only one sleeve. This feature eliminates the need for extra on-hand sizes, making it easier to accommodate many local market requirements. The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting requires no special tools for installation and the body of the 4, 6 and 8 inch sizes may be hinged to speed up installation, eliminating the need for complete disassembly of the unit. While the 10 to 24 inch sizes must be installed as two halves, the simple lug and bolting design eliminate in-field issues when being installed over the conductor pipe. The Triple Tap Line Stop Fitting is equipped with a full circumferential NBR rubber gasket that is combined with a heavy duty aperture seal on the branch and provides a 360º around-the-pipe seal in case of a beam break. This patented feature allows the sleeve to maintain a seal in the event of complete pipe breakage during a size-on-size tap or stop operation.